Echo Link East Rand

Echo Link East Rand was opened on the 1st of April 2011, By me Dieter Huysamen.

I have been involved in the 4×4 industry for 11 years, but could not get the right company to work for that enabled me to give my clients the service that I have always dreamed of.

I have worked for numerous companies that dealt with 4×4 trailers and equipment, but there was always something missing. Nobody shared my passion for the camping industry and the strive to customer satisfaction to a degree of self fulfillment.

I looked at almost every brand of off road trailers in the market, slept, towed and camped in them. I finally found a product that met all my expectations. Echo 4X4 trailers.

After meeting the owner of Echo 4×4 Mr Willie Grobler, I could see that he had the same passion for his product. And so Echo link East Rand was born.

The company took off and the passion for the product and the strive to customer satisfaction soon paid off and by the end of 2011 Echo Link East rand became the Biggest Echo Franchise in South Africa.